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Video Success! Preview for Friday.

Posted by The Marketing Intern on July 14, 2009

This t-shirt is 99% cotton. Coincidence?

This t-shirt is 99% cotton. Coincidence?

First off, I want to say that I have some of the greatest fans in the history of fandom. To everybody out there who watched the first episode of Checking Out Early, I salute you. Lots of you clicked the  links, too, and got your daily dose of The Marketing Intern, and even more of you signed up for the email list. (And if you haven’t done so yet, go back to the video page and do it now.)

Huge props to those of you who forwarded the email on to others. Grow the party! Right now we’re at “rowdy get-together” status. By this Friday, I want to be at “disturbing the peace.” So keep forwarding the emails, and sign up for the newsletter (which goes out on Friday at 4:00 sharp) so you can send that to other people, too.

And gigantic props to Bill, who was pwned much akin to teh n00b, and still came back for more. We love ya, Bill.

Thanks to the guys at Flimp Media, I was able to track the traffic to the first episode in gory detail. I’ll share some numbers with you:

  • Of those who visited the site, about 98% started the video.
  • Of those who started the video, 28.4% watched it to completion (a ridiculously high percentage, considering how long the video is).
  • Checking Out Early was played for more than eighteen hours (Almost 1,100 minutes!) on computers across the country.
  • The average viewer spent 14.4 minutes on the site. For a seven minute video!

Not bad for a first episode, but we can do better!

Last week, Christopher Rick of ReelSEO posted a story on monetizing video, which is very much at the center of the whole pre-roll ads thing. So I’m dedicating this week’s video to the idiots at YouTube (Google) and Hulu — and in part to Rick, who doesn’t have the sack to stand up and tell YouTube and Hulu that what they’re doing is stupid.

This week’s mail bag features Jeff, who tells me I’m being intentionally argumentative. Which is true, but that’s not the point.

Oh, and the beer of the week is like heaven in a glass. I cannot wait to drink it on air. And then mess up the take so I have to drink another one. Movie magic!

I’m off to download some Journey. You’ll find out why soon enough.


P.S. Check your email or this site on Friday at 4:00 for the link to this week’s Checking Out Early. It will not be the same link as last week!


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