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Wha…? TMI’s Twitter Account SUSPENDED?!

Posted by The Marketing Intern on July 17, 2009

Apparently my Twitter account (@MarketBug) has been suspended. Which is great news, considering Twitter is one of the easier ways for me to distribute the link to Checking Out Early. (And be sure to check back this afternoon for that very link). What did I do to deserve such a disservice? Don’t know. I suppose I’ll find out soon. What follows is my email to them:

Hi there, Twitter Support!

Please advise – I can’t see how I have violated any of the User or Technical Abuse clauses:

User Abuse

“a large number of people block the profile or write in with spam complaints” – I don’t think this is what happened… if it is, that’s silly, because I hate spammers and un-follow them immediately.

“aggressive following” – I only follow 102 people… is that aggressive?

“imbalanced ratio: the number of followers is small compared to number of people following” Follow 102, with 103 following. I think that’s a good ratio. The only disproportionate ratio is that of updates:followers. I’m less important than I think I am – is that abuse?

“misuse of the reply feature” – I usually only use the reply feature when I retweet, which is maybe five times a week.

“updates consist of duplicate links and/or text” – Okay, maybe I do repost certain links more than once… but not like once every five minutes.

“updates consist mainly of links and not personal updates” – What fun is that?

“updates consist of updates poached from others’ timelines, passed off as one’s own” – Unless retweets fall into this category, I’m innocent of this, as well.

Technical Abuse

“updates consist of links pointing to phishing sites, malware, or other harmful material” – I am morally opposed to such action, and have never (knowingly, anyway) done such a thing.

“a large number of accounts is created in a short amount of time” – I have two, created months apart from each other.

“an account is identified as belonging to a spam cluster” – If this is the case, it is a case of mistaken identity. I am not, nor will I ever be, a part of such a cluster.

Can someone give me specifics as to why my account was suspended? I’m really curious. I’m not even annoyed, really — I mean, there’s a webinar at 4:00 EST today that I’d like to participate in via Twitter, and I’m going to launch an episode of my vlog at around the same time. If this is just a misunderstanding, I’d like to clear it up before then, certainly. (Otherwise I will be annoyed.) I’m moreso just curious as to what triggered this suspension. Please let me know as soon as possible.


@MarketBug (The Marketing Intern)


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