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Guy Kawasaki: The Untouchable Jerk

Posted by The Marketing Intern on July 29, 2009

You SO wish you were me right now.

"You SO wish you were me right now.

As a novice blogger, sometimes you find yourself wishing you could find a way to engage with those supreme chancellors who lord about in the upper echelons of  your segment, and sometimes you really wish you knew why they’re there to begin with.

It was the latter sentiment which struck me mid-twittersation with Guy Kawasaki.

It began innocently enough. I had clicked on one of Guy’s gazillion Twitter links and noticed for the first time how truly, absurdly bright the frame is. I decided to throw a Tweet up about it.

CheckOutEarly Anyone else find the Alltop frame to be supremely annoying?

Mind you, I have all of 46 followers. I harbored no illusion that Guy would read my humble tweet — or, if he did, that he would much care — or, if he did, that he would take it as anything more than the constructive criticism (albeit tongue-in-cheek) that it was meant to be.

I was sadly mistaken. A short while later, I got this:

GuysReplies @CheckOutEarly Click on the X or pay to read my tweets. Do you find TV advertising annoying too?

Firstly, I’m not sure that there is a mechanism in place that charges Twitter users to view tweets. Secondly, I doubt very much that Guy is starved for cash. And thirdly, well… this:

CheckOutEarly @guysreplies Actually, yes. I find all forms of interruption-based advertising annoying. What does that have to do with anything?

CheckOutEarly@guysreplies I was really commenting on the garish color and sheer size of the frame. Frames are fine, when done tastefully.

To which Guy timely responded:

GuysReplies @CheckOutEarly So you think 24, Discovery Channel, ABC, CBS, NBC nothing should have ads? You want everything free and ad free?

And so it goes:

CheckOutEarly @guysreplies I never said they shouldn’t have them. I said they were annoying. I’m not the only one who thinks so either. Ever hear of TIVO?

GuysReplies @CheckOutEarly Tivo? Is that an island in the Pacific? Try clicking on the X on the frame. That’s our Tivo.

GuysReplies @CheckOutEarly Our frames get 1-4% click through. that’s 10-40x the rate of most ads

At which point, over on his other, more famous Twitter account, Guy wrote the following:

GuyKawasaki Someone who describes himself as “High-ballin’ marketing super-genius” says the Alltop frames are “garrish.” I LOVE Twitter…

And, like the impudent jerk that I am, I replied:

CheckOutEarly @guykawasaki Yes, I did. Only I spelled “garish” correctly.

Back to the less famous (though still very much famous) account:

CheckOutEarly @guysreplies I don’t understand why you’re getting so worked up. I’m not being malicious. The frames just seem a bit over the top to me.

CheckOutEarly @guysreplies I don’t doubt that your frames get great click-through. That’s not the point. I was commenting on the design.

GuysReplies @CheckOutEarly Great clickthrough is the whole point. Maybe the garish/garrishness causes that.

I tried to say something witty here, but a Twitter hiccup prevented it.

GuysReplies @CheckOutEarly Click on the X until we change it…

CheckOutEarly @guysreplies I won’t hold my breath. But thanks for the banter.

GuysReplies @CheckOutEarly Indeed, it was fun. Have a good evening.

That was the end of our conversation. Meanwhile, Guy had some wonderful things to say about your beloved Marketing Intern behind his back.

i_am_brennan @GuyKawasaki in the High-Ballers’ defence… the Alltop frames don’t display properly in Chrome

GuysReplies @i_am_brennan Somehow, he’s probably using IE 5 if I had to guess. 🙂

I use Firefox, for the record.

sandywright @GuyKawasaki key phrase here is “describes himself” Your Alltop ROCKS!

GuysReplies @sandywright why thanks!

I don’t know exactly what that means… but the use of all-caps for the word “rocks” is particularly endearing, no?

@GuyKawasaki sooo.. you’re saying “High-ballin’ marketing super-genius” doesn’t strike you as a reputable hook? 😉

@fidoandwino I don’t know what “high ballin'” means. Is it a sex position? Drink? Basketball term? Not familiar with the term.

It means I’m really tall.

Anyway, for a guy who has built an enormous personal brand, it seems kind of petty to me to pick on a guy with 46 followers on Twitter who calls himself The Marketing Intern. I don’t care who you are, don’t be disrespectful. Guy must get thousands of DMs and mentions per day. Why he chooses to mock those who are critical of him is beyond me. And why he does it where everyone can see his mocking is far beyond me. That’s just bad PR, man.

That said, if there’s anyone in the world who can get away with it, it’s Guy.

Someday when I grow up, I wanna be just like him.

Update 1: Since the end of this convo, Alltop has apparently changed the size of their frame. Reports were circulating around that Opera, Chrome and Firefox all distorted the frames. Good on you, Guy, for berating a user who pointed this out (albeit inadvertently).


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