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CNN Publishes Yesterday’s Tech News – Yawn.

Posted by The Marketing Intern on August 1, 2009

New Report says Smoking Could Be Dangerous

"New Report says Smoking could be Dangerous"

Another beer-inspired revelation, this one comes courtesy of CNN. Last Friday, two of my train-wreck favorite Twitterers (@ijustine and @guykawasaki) and two people I hadn’t followed prior to the show (@jbruin and @… well, some other guy) were talking about tech stuff. Two of the big topics included the Google Voice/AT&T debachle and the Microhoo! deal. Everyone spoke very intelligently about the topics, even Justine and Guy (though, like our President, Guy has the annoying habit of recklessly using the word “stupid” and its variants).

But I couldn’t help thinking that I was actually getting bored by these stories. After all, I read TechCrunch and Mashable — I had followed this coverage extensively for two or three days prior to this broadcast. I could reasonably predict what everyone was going to say about it: Justine would talk about how awesome the technology is, and how she uses awesome technology all the time; Guy would say something about how he knows something that other people don’t; a Mashable rep (and @jbruin is a very good one) would say that we need to get to the bottom of this, because the world needs Google Voice; the TechCrunch rep (and whoever he was is a very bad one) would say something about Apple impeding the march of technology to make the bottom line more attractive.

Perfectly predictable. And so saturated was the Web with this info that CNN came off as yesterday’s news — which is exactly what it was.

What’s concerning to me is that CNN has been in the news business for years. Blogs have been around (in force, anyway) since about 2005, with the dawn of sites like The Huffington Post. Why is it that the bloggers get it, and 24-7 news stations still don’t? Baffling to me. Simply baffling.


4 Responses to “CNN Publishes Yesterday’s Tech News – Yawn.”

  1. Jeff said

    Short answer: There’s a lot more that is involved with a news cycle than a blog cycle.

  2. The Marketing Intern said

    Sure. But this was CNN Online, with four tech experts calling in via webcam. It could have been set up same-day.

  3. Jeff said

    It could have been, but it wasn’t. Have you asked yourself why it wasn’t?

    Coordinating the schedules of four tech experts with that of the CNN crew.

    Finding those four tech experts.

    General importance of the story itself (or at least how important it has been deemed).

    Quite a bit more goes into a news story than a blog.

    • The Marketing Intern said

      Sorry, but if I’m @iJustine, @jbruin or whoever the other guy from TechCrunch is, I’m clearing my schedule to appear on CNNLive. It’s not like they’re wrangling celebs away from movie sets — these people make their living in front of a computer.

      Likewise, finding these people isn’t difficult — they have their contact info plastered all over the internet.

      And tell me the Microhoo! story doesn’t pull rank on anything else that happened in the tech world — hell, the business world — last week.

      Sure. Lots more goes into a news story than goes into a blog. Just ask Dan Rather.

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