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Interns Beware: The Facebocalypse Is Upon Ye

Posted by The Marketing Intern on August 19, 2009

Jennifer Van Grove (@jbruin for you tweeps), in addition to being outrageously good-looking, has provided us with yet another word of warning. It appears as though as many as 45% of employers now screen the social media profiles of new hires. This info comes courtesy of Harris Interactive, at the request of, so you know it’s legit.

Apparently 35% of the HR people polled said they had found info that influenced their decision to not hire a certain individual. This means one of two things:

1) 65% of college students are really good at hiding the stupid things they do, or

2) 65% of college students aren’t partying nearly hard enough.

Word from the wise: Untag your photos before you  send out your resume. Because unless you’re applying for a job in kegstandery, beergoggling, or opportunistic body art, your chances of getting a job will be probably be cut by around 50%.

Don’t get me wrong — if  you spend your college career trying to make all the girls at the bar look like the lovely Ms. Van Grove, I’m not telling you it would necessarily be time poorly spent. But you wouldn’t get shazzy in front of your boss, so don’t go all Kid Rock where your would-be future employers can see you.

Seems like common sense — but then again, 35% of HR professionals will confirm the ancient adage that common sense is anything but common.


2 Responses to “Interns Beware: The Facebocalypse Is Upon Ye”

  1. outrageously good looking? am I Zoolander? flattering, but not exactly the truth 🙂

    Oh and thankfully I’m blogger, because I’m not good at heeding my own advice & there’s most certainly incriminating photos of me online. On a serious note, I would hope that employers can separate photos from a fun night out from photos from last month’s kegger. Maybe that explains the 65%…

    • The Marketing Intern said

      And thanks to that, now all my readers are going to spend the next three hours looking for incriminating photos of you. Way to kill productivity, Jennifer. 😉

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