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Video Marketing for Social Media

Posted by The Marketing Intern on October 13, 2009

I wrote the other day about how one goes about using New Marketing techniques without abandoning the metrics and analytics that characterize Old School Marketing. And I thought the article was pretty darn good, but the feedback I got said otherwise.

“Okay,” the Voice of Consensus said. “But how do I do it? I can’t tweet a video. I can’t create a landing page in Facebook. How do I heed your obviously prescient and wholly inarguable advice, O Great and Powerful Matt?”

(Okay, I made that last part up.)

It’s true. You can’t tweet a video. But a Flimp isn’t a video. It’s a rich media landing page. That means it has its very own unique URL. And because your Flimp account is set up to monitor all activity that happens at that Web address, you get in-depth analytics for each and every user that clicks your Tweet. (Something about that phrase sounds dirty….)

“BUT WAIT!” you say, forgetting to use your indoor voice. “Flimp can’t track user interaction by Twitter account, can they?”

No, we can’t; Twitter doesn’t let us do that. But even if we could, you wouldn’t want us to. The thing about social media is that people like to share information that is interesting. Notice I said interesting, not important, or relevant, or useful. And there’s a reason for that.

For the most part, sharing via social media takes place on a one-to-many scale: we tweet to all our followers, or write on our walls, or post to our LinkedIn groups. Rarely do we share information one-to-one. And despite our best efforts, rarely are we able to maintain the integrity of a target audience once a message spreads beyond our network.

In other words, if you’re in IT, and you make an awesome IT video which you then share with your social network, what are the odds that, if the video spreads between networks, that all of the video’s viewers are going to be IT people, or even interested in IT? The broader the spread, the less likely it is that you’re hitting your target audience. And if we were to track all of that traffic that probably isn’t all that interested in what you’re selling with your video, you’d probably get pretty frustrated trying to sort through it all.

So to combat that, Flimp enables marketers to put trackable forms next to their videos. That way if a social media user is really interested in the video and wants to learn (or see, or do) more, they can follow a form-based call to action which effectively identifies them by email address. The Flimp platform is then able to take all of the analytic data for that user and associate it with the email address they provide. This gives you, the marketer, the same in-depth analytics as you would get sending out a video by email, all without having to wade through a mess of Twitter usernames.

See, we’ve got you covered. Who loves ya, baby?


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