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Checking Out Early Archives

Twitter gets touchy, Facebook makes me angry, and Apple manufactures Asians. Wait… that’s not right…

In this week’s episode, I tell YouTube what’s up, and then drink some beer. Actually, I don’t drink beer — I mean, I do, but not on camera. Purely by accident. Oh, and Jeff in Boston tells me I’m being intentionally argumentative. Which I am, but that’s not the point. Click! View! Follow! (@CheckOutEarly now.)

This week, I tell you how to start down the path to Web video superstardom on the SUPER cheap. We’re talking chump change. Like, the hobo on the street corner could make Web video in a month or so, if he really put his mind to it. And not in a BumFights kind of way, either. I’m digging myself into a hole here, aren’t I? Forget I said anything. Just click the link.

Episode 4 — What I Learned from Guy Kawasaki. Otherwise entitled: How Being a Pompous Jerk is Actually a Good Thing, if you Play your Cards Right.

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